domingo, 12 de abril de 2015


Hola Chicas!!!
Muchas veces tenemos en la mente un cojin de algún color y tela en particular o con diseño y no lo encontramos, aqui les tengo unos tutoriales de como hacer cojines paso a paso que en realidad son muy sencillos de hacer les tengo una galeria de fotografías con cojines con letras pintadas a mano, flores, de jerseys que tanto me gustan para el invierno, bueno en fin creo que a ustedes tambien les gustaran.
¡¡Feliz Domingo!!

DIY screen printed pillow
burlap pillow with charming label
DIY "screen printing" (not actually screen printing, but use of freezer paper and techniques are interesting)
3 Projects to Make Using Towels: Make a Roman Shade, Bed Skirt, and Pillowcase out of Towels
From sketch to final #shenasiconcept designs! Contact us to make a custom order just for you! #ballerina
How to make felt roses for embellishments
Cable Sweater Pillow Tutorial - I love this idea. I think the cable sweaters are cute, but I love it because I think we all have a sweater of some sort that we've failed to throw out because we like how soft it is. There you have it... make it into your favorite napping/snuggle pillow and free up a hanger in the closet. :) "Sew" easy.
Love this goodwill sweaters turned into pillows! Now that I finally have a sewing machine, I'm unstoppable
Make your own envelope pillow case via Randomly Happy

DIY Dandelion Pom Pom Pillow