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viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015


Lindas ideas de decoraciones para esta próxima primavera 2015, muchas de ella son con adornos o floreros, focos reciclados que ya tienes en casa, así que no vas a tener que gastar mucho dinero, puedes usar flores de tu jardín o cuando compres en la florería, una de los consejos que les doy y yo le he hecho todo el tiempo tengo flores artificiales de seda de buena calidad y la verdad que se ven muy lindas en caso de que tus flores frescas ya se hayan secado, pones las artificiales, ademas son ideas muy bonitas que puedes utilizar en cualquier parte de la casa para darle la bienvenida a la primavera 2015.

lightbulb vases, crafts, diy, garden, for the home, decor, ruche Okay people, how extremely cute is this?!
used perfume bottles as vases
birds nests and wildflowers under glass cloches, I've been trying forever to figure out how I could do decorations like this in my home. Normally they would get covered in cat hair and dust to fast for me to keep up with them, plus if my cats knew they were there they would chew on them and wreck them if at all possible. This is a perfect way to have them and keep them safe and clean!
Embellished Mason Jar Vase for Spring | Burlap and Twine
Love this, great idea for dining room table
Easter Centerpiece Idea ~ Start with a large-mouth cookie jar or canister, a clear drinking glass that fits inside the jar, dyed hard-cooked eggs and flowers. Center the drinking glass inside the jar and carefully stack the eggs between the glass and jar
Layers of Lilac - 10 Great DIY floral arrangements from Martha Stewart #flowers #spring #party
Tulip arranging in a bowl. Never would have thought to use a grid of tape to keep the flowers in place.